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  • As an exceptionally proud son I certainly would have loved my father to indulge me more about his experiences and what he and his fellow comrades would have lived through and endured during WWII. Thank goodness he kept so many books, booklets, documents and pictures which help with sharing his WWII history.

    PLEASE NOTE: This website is being constantly updated so visit often as it grows.

    PERSONAL OBSERVATION: I initially began reviewing dads wartime images and documents in 2008, sadly I stopped! Now we are in isolation (due to Corona Covid 19 Virus) I finally decided to get my act together. I soon found my enthusiasm growing every time I read a document, looked at an image and tried to visualise what Dad had endured. Each one as I scanned them for review would divulge another small detail to add to his story.

    IMAGES and DOCUMENTS: This time when I scanned the images I did it at 600dpi, I was astounded how much more legible documents and images became, showing what I had missed the first time. A famous saying is “A picture is worth a thousand words” I disagree, it can be worth far more in fact it’s limitless. Every image and document I have scanned tells a tale and leaves you endeavouring to interpret what your eyes have seen, then what and how your mind analyses and interprets that image.

    THE FOLLOWING PHOTO WAS IN DADS ALBUM: I have translated his comments first and the photo will follow, take your time as I said to visualise and imagine what the total of this 2hr 40min flight would have been like on the 3rd of September 1943. He wrote the details on the back of the photo.

    FRENCH: Chevilly-Larue (entre Paris et Orly), Chaingy (près d’Orléans) et une centrale située près de Tours. Le « Group 2 » désigné pour l’opération, choisit les trois squadrons de Boston : 107, 88 et 342 (Groupe « Lorraine »), qui sont spécialement entraînés dans les attaques à basse altitude en formation serrée.

    TRANSLATION: Chevilly-Larue (between Paris and Orly), Chaingy (near to Orléans) another centre close to Tours. The “Group 2” were selected for this operation, choosing the three Boston Squadrons: 107, 88 and 342 “Group Lorraine” who were specially trained for low level raids in tight formation.

    Bombing Chevilly-Larue (between Paris and Orly), Chaingy (near to Orléans) another centre close to Tours.

    TODAY versus WWII: Technology has advanced so much, that we take for granted all that we do and share, try to imagine the struggle every person affected by WWII must have faced with almost no means of communication. A simple telephone often out of action due to bombing, a lonely silence, even a shared time in a bomb shelter would have been frightening, not knowing if you could escape uninjured or what you would find once outside.

    A TALE TO TELL: Yes every image in this story has a tale to tell, as you view each image give yourself time to visualise, let the image talk to you, let it will tell you a story, what part it played in this wartime story of dads, not only his, but hundreds of thousands of other women and men who were involved in before, during and after another horrific time in the history of humanity.

    Time to move on to the history, but first let us remember!



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