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24 – Flying Log Book World War II

  • This history is chronological so “Flying Log Books” may not be in sequence.

    FRENCH: « A mon retour l’équipage PIERRE avait été abattu. Le même jour était mort aussi Kainuki (sic) un ami tahitien qui était venu en même temps que moi. »

    TRANSLATION: Upon my return my team with PIERRE had been shot down. The same day my Tahitian friend who came the same time as me Kainuku was killed

    FRENCH:Après ses longues semaines de repos bien méritées, et réglementaires d’ailleurs dans la Royal Air Force, le sergent-chef MARA rejoint le Lorraine.”

    TRANSLATION: After several weeks of well earned rest which was a regulation set in place by the Royal Air Force, Sgt Mara rejoined the Lorraine Squadron.

    The break that Dad had also meant that he no longer had Sgt Pierre as his pilot and would fly most of his final missions with Lt Sauberli as his pilot.

    Original “Observer’s and Gunner’s Flying Log Book” image at the bottom of the page!

    JULY 1944

    31 & 32 – These are completed Ops (Missions)

    LtCl./. 342 Squadron
    Signed (unsure)
    F/C A Flight
    Signed Lt ALLEGRET

    Wop AG – Wireless-operator Air Gunner
    Total Ops. – Total Operations (Usually bombing missions)

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