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History and Business

Bjan R T Mara | I would like to share an abbreviated history on our family’s paternal heritage, our family on my paternal grandfathers side hails from a small island in the South Pacific called Rurutu which is the northernmost island in the Austral archipelago of French Polynesia.

Paternal Grandparents

My Paternal GrandparentsMy paternal grandfather Natapu Nu’utaivava a Mara was born in Rurutu on the 8th of July 1922, he went to the island of Tahiti at a young age so as to get a good education.

Then at a young age he volunteered and joined the II World War where he met my grandmother from England Joyce Elizabeth Mara Née Riley born the 28th of September 1921, while flying bombing raids out of Camberley in England.

They were married in England and returned together to Tahiti at the end of the war.

My grandmother became ill while in Tahiti when she was pregnant with my father and so they migrated to New Zealand where my father was born on the 28th of November 1948 Paul Linsley Tianoa Mara.

First Mara Family Business

The first Mara Family business began in 1966 when my grandfather interpreted for a lady from Tahiti who wanted to see a Doctor while on holiday in Auckland New Zealand.

The aforementioned lady is still a family client today with my older brother who took over the business from Dad in 1996.

When my grandfather died unexpectedly in 1986, my father took over the tour guide, medical interpreter / translator and liaison business, which fortunately he worked in since returning to New Zealand in March 1977 from Tahiti.

In 1966 my parents myself and two other siblings moved to the Gold Coast of Queensland Australia and my older brother took over the New Zealand Mara Family business which he still runs successfully today.

Mara Family Business Australia

My Dad and I have now embarked on a new business henceforth this website.

Dad has always liked to move with the times.

He certainly doesn’t suffer from technophobia and has been blogging for fun since October 2010. Some of the things he has taught himself include HTML, image creation and website building.

Youthful Exuberance and Experience

He believes that combining youthful exuberance and an old business head we can create a successful online business that will offer to its visitor an unlimited experience from someone who has had very successful businesses in Tahiti and New Zealand and wants to share those experiences, plus the valuable input from a Y generation, myself who has two major passions that Dad believes I should share.


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