• Do I Start A Business?

    Decision Time!

    Mara Family Small and Start Up Business Entrepreneurs - Online Offline Marketing & Business Management ConsultantsYes, most people would like to be their own boss and there are tons of ideas out there that you could utilise and focus on to begin your own business.
    In today’s business sectors there are many extremely successful businesses that have been created from some ones hobby or pastime and every one of them was driven by the passion they had for their product or service.
    I know for a fact that customers pick up straight away if you have that passion and it improves sales immensely.

    My Business In Tahiti, modifying, panel beating, painting and repairing cars in the 70'sPERSONAL EXPERIENCE

    I lived that experience in the early 70’s.
    I love cars and when I was a self employed mechanic, panel beater and painter in Tahiti I had so many customers, I believe it was because they knew how much I adored cars and they could see me enjoying working on them that I found so rewarding.


    If you already have an idea, can you honestly say that you are you totally passionate about your business idea?
    Simply because believe me when times get tough that is all you will have to hang in there and not give up, your original dreams and passion.
    Firstly you need decide the best course of action on how you would start your perspective business.
    Starting Your Own Business Give Independence But Prepare WellI agree there are many perks to being a business owner.

    • A New Adventure Brings Excitement
    • Independence Allows You Flexibility
    • Planning Strategies Based On Your Ideas
    • Time Schedules Set By You
    • Meeting New and Exciting People
    • Any Profit Is Yours (After Expenses and Taxes)

    Yes! These are some of the things that tempt us into being our own boss but tread carefully.


    Planning Your Business Is Like Preparing Your Holiday ItineraryBeing in business for your self is a big step and should not be taken lightly.
    To begin with you need to create a business plan.
    What is a business plan?
    I liken it to a “Holiday Itinerary”, it tells you where you’re going, how to get their, how much it will cost you and can you afford it, but more importantly is your business idea feasible or not!
    Then and only then should you make that all important decision!
    Yes or No!
    So what are these important issues to consider?


    • Research
    • Laws
    • Financing
    • Expenses
    • Customers
    • Competition
    • Marketplace
    • Pecuniary
    • Product or Service
    • Personal Demands

    So as you can see from even this short list there are a lot of areas to consider when deciding whether to start your own business?

    Seriously though my idea is to neither, persuade or dissuade you from starting your own business but to make sure you have all the relevant and important information to make an informed decision and assure you can create a successful business.

    So in the future I will discuss each one of the above list in more detail.
    Starting your own business is a great idea but it is a must that you cover every aspect in preparation before embarking on your new venture.

    If you decide in the affirmative to take the next step to be coming a business owner then take the time to read this next article Click here

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