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    This article I Published on January 23rd, 2011 @ 11:12 on one of my old blogs.
    Being in my sixties I realised my life so far had taken me on some many adventures and thankfully 99% have been unbelievable, as some of you may have read already in my other blogs.
    So what I tried to convey in this article was how I would go about life if I was young again, believe me I would change nothing, because every adversity I have had in my life has not only made me a better person but has also lead me down another pathway to success.
    Thank you!
    Paul L T Mara

    The road to success can be arduously worthwhile if you are willing to overcome any hurdles that confront you, so stay focused and you will succeed! Remain Flexible.
    Read carefully and you will understand.

    Choose Your Path Wisely

    Choose Wisely The Path That You Take During Your Lifetime – Be Flexible

    Choose Wisely The Path That You Take During Your Lifetime - Be FlexibleJust imagine, you take a walk along a pathway in the forest there are so many small obstacles that may cross your path, how you react or interact with those obstacles will determine how smooth your walk is, the time it will take and lastly your destination.

    The pathway may go from beautiful fresh green grass to being rock-strewn and unsteady to walk on and slow your journey.

    The path way may become very narrow and you are at risk from thorns and thistles that could easily prick you and inflict pain so you are careful to avoid them and once again your journey is slowed.

    Then miraculously your pathway opens out into a clearing covered by beautiful forest flowers that emit a lingering perfume so pleasing to your senses you feel at one with nature and in the background are these magnificent trees and you wonder to yourself how many years these statuesque symbols of the forest took to grow.

    Enjoy Your Journey

    Choose Wisely The Path That You Take During Your Lifetime - Be FlexibleThis time you rest and enjoy the beauty of Mother Nature the only difference is you don’t feel like your journey has been slowed but more that it has been enhanced and it is time well spent.

    Once out of that beautiful clearing the pathway leads to a slow moving creek offering crystal clear water where you can see the pebbles at the bottom, you decide to relax again you take off your walk shoes and dangle your feet in this pristine creek.
    Once again you find pleasure on your journey, well worth the time out from your journey.
    As you put your walk shoes back on you see another pathway with a very small hand painted sign saying “outlook”, that’s weird maybe they mean “lookout”, it’s not the path you wanted to take, decision time, do I or don’t I, you choose quickly, “outlook here I come”!
    You have learnt that 99% of the time your first instinct is always your best!

    First Instinct

    Of course you have no guarantee, if that’s exactly what it meant, but your instincts and gut feelings told you to continue.

    The next period of your journey sees the pathway winding slowly up a hillside, you almost engulfed by forest bushes and branches that seem to appear out of no where, you begin to breathe heavily and your legs become heavy, you wonder whether you have made the right decision, but you continue because you enjoy a challenge and you stick by your decisions.

    Success Is Rewarding

    Choose Wisely The Path That You Take During Your Lifetime - Be FlexibleTwenty five minutes later the bushes open up, yes, you have reached the “outlook” and there it is everything you have been striving to achieve, a 360 degree view of all that surrounds you, in the distance you can see that magnificent clearing and your senses help you relive that lingering perfume, way off in the distance you can see the river that the small creek meanders into and becomes part of, the same creek where you bathed your feet and felt great relief.
    Once again your senses make your feet feel cool.

    What a blessing it is to be able to utilise your senses to relive memorable moments.

    You’re at the summit now the pathway home is all downhill, it’s an easy descent with no obstacles, and you reach your destination feeling totally fulfilled.

    Food For Thought

    Yes, the pathway that life will take you on has many challenges, turn negatives into positives and maintain focus on the big picture which can be whatever your heart desires, the catch is it takes an extreme amount of effort and time but the view from the top is always magnificent, so always strive for the best!
    Avoid those who say you need to make sacrifices, the truth is it’s all about commitment!

    A Wise Head On Young Shoulders – Remain Flexible

    Thank you for taking the time to read this article…
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